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Kishka –Or B——-Sausage

Today is Halloween, so I thought it would be very appropriate to post this article about a very special food, with a very unique main ingredient.

If you ever had a chance to visit any Eastern European countries , dined at their restaurants, or grew up in a predominantly Eastern European neighborhood, you must have heard the word “kishka, keeshka, kiszka, kishke”, and perhaps even tasted it,  without really knowing what it was.

Believe me, it can be quite tasty, if prepared well, and served properly.  However, once you check out the links below and learn more about it, you might never want to taste it, unless the mere curiosity will bug you long enough until you give in and try it, and then form your own opinion.

My father used to prepare excellent pork products such as smoked meats, kielbasa, kishka, headcheese, liverwurst, etc.  As a kid, I loved most of these products, even kishka, but at that time I really did not know what it was made of, besides the buckwheat.    Now that I know where natural casing comes from, and the special ingredient in Kishka, I am having second thoughts.

I don’t want to spoil the surprise by revealing the special ingredient, so to satisfy your curiosity, please check out the links below:

This is the Jewish version of Kishka/Kishke:

Here is a good explanation by Suzanne from Chef Talk:

And here of course, you will get the real scoop, according to Wikipedia:

You must check this one out, since the English kicked it up a notch, or two:

World’s Scariest Foods in Food + Wine on

Now that you are so well informed about this delicacy, and its “secret” ingredient, you understand why I decided to post it on Halloween.

Will you be transformed into a Vampire, if you eat it on Halloween????…..Mwaaaahaahaaahaaaaa!!!


October – A Fun Month – Advice From Maxine

MaxineSince I started my “October – A Fun Month” posts with Maxine, so it’s only fitting that I finish it the same way.

Here is some advice from Maxine, which might come pretty handy for you some day!!!

Maxine 1

Maxine 4Maxine 5Maxine 6Maxine 7Maxine 8Maxine 10Maxine 12

I hope you had fun following all my posts this month.

I sure had fun posting them, and chuckling, over and over again.

smileI’m sure you will agree that walking is very beneficial for our body and mind.

I previously posted Part I of “The Importance of Walking”, now you get to enjoy Part II.

I joined a health club last year,
Spent about 700 Dollars.
Haven’t lost a pound.
Apparently you have to go there.

Every time I hear the dirty word ‘exercise’,
I wash my mouth out with chocolate.

I do have flabby thighs,
But fortunately my stomach covers them.

The advantage of exercising every day
Is so when you die, they’ll say,
‘Well, she looks good doesn’t she.’

If you are going to try cross-country skiing,
Start with a small country.

I know I got a lot of exercise
The last few years,……
Just getting over the hill.

We all get heavier as we get older,
Because there’s a lot more information in our heads.
That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

AND last but not least:

Every time I start thinking too much
About how I look,
I just find a Happy Hour
And by the time I leave,
I look just fine.

October – A Fun Month – Intuition or Common Sense

You know how some days you just have that special feeling that things will turn out a certain way?  I am not sure if you would call it an intuition, or a common sense.

Well, I have a perfect humor to share with you on that subject, so you be the judge.


  • You wake up face down on the pavement
  • You want to put on the clothes you wore home from the party and there aren’t any
  • Your spouse says “Good Morning, Pat”, and your name is Chris
  • Your birthday cake collapses from the weight of the candles
  • You turn on the news and they’re showing emergency routes out of the city
  • You wake up and discover your waterbed broke — and then you realize that you don’t have a waterbed
  • Your twin sister forgot your birthday
  • The bird singing outside your window is a buzzard
  • You wake up and your braces are locked together
  • You call your answering service and they tell you it’s none of your business
  • Your income tax refund check bounces
  • Your car horn goes off accidentally and remains stuck as you follow a group of Hell’s Angles on the freeway
  • Your boss tells you not to take off your coat
  • You put both contact lenses in the same eye
  • You walk to work and then find that your dress is stuck in the back of your pantyhose

When I started this blog, I decided not to get into any discussions on politics or religion, for very obvious reasons, and I am sure I do not need to explain it any further.

However, when a friend sent me this article about a monk, which sounded really funny to me, I just had to share it with all of you.

A young monk arrived at the monastery.

He was assigned to helping other monks in copying , by hand, the old canons and laws of the church.

Before  long  he noticed that everyone was copying from copies, not from the original manuscripts.

So, the new monk went to the abbot to question this, pointing out that if someone had made even a small error in the first copy, it would never be picked up and would be continued in all subsequent copies.

” Good point, my son, ” said the abbot.

” We have been doing it this way for centuries, but you are right in what you say. I must look into this “.

The abbot went down into the caves beneath the monastery, and unlocked a vault that had not been opened for centuries.

Hours went by and the old abbot did not reappear.

The young monk became worried and went down to look for him.

He found him sitting against a wall sobbing, with his head in his hands.

” We missed the ‘ R ‘,

we missed the ‘ R ‘, he wailed.

” What’s wrong, father? ” asked the young monk.

In a choking voice, the old abbot replied,

” The word was CELEBRATE. “

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