Go GreenKids love coloring with crayons, but also with their favorite magic markers.  There are variety of those on the market, but some are not a safe as you might think.

As a parent you try your best to keep your children safe and healthy.

You feed them organic food, buy safe toys, and now you should read a tip about safe markers, posted by ecomii.com

Today’s Tip: Make Your Mark as  a Parent


Protect your kids from toxic fumes by avoiding alcohol or solvent-based magic markers.


Choose safe, water-based markers instead.  Look for seals of approval from the Art and Creative Materials Institute (ACMI-AP), or American Society for Testing and Materials ( ASTM).


Alcohol and solvent-based markers – such as permanent markers – contain dangerous chemicals such as xylene, toluene, and acetone, and children are especially susceptible to them.

Did you know:

If safety wasn’t reason enough, did you know that water-based markers are much easier to clean up?

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One Response

  1. Diana

    July 19th, 2011 at 12:17 am


    I should share this tip with my friend, her three yr old loves playing with stamps, stickers, markers, and crayons. Im sure she is aware but I will make certain! :) Great tip.

    PS how are the little ones? How is your family?

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