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Dealing With The Stress Of A New School Year

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Labor Day is gone, summer vacation is over, and the school buses began rolling down the streets as usual.

When I spot a yellow school bus on the road, I know that a new school year has already began, at least for some students.

Going back to school may be a lot of fun for some, especially if they are looking forward to seeing all their friends and favorite teachers, after the summer break, but for others, it could be quite an intimidating experience.

Starting Pre-School, Kindergarten, High School, or College, can be one of those trying times for many young people, in many different ways.

In my opinion, a Freshman year in High School, is a very frightening time for many students.

Here they are at “the bottom of the totem pole” once again, surrounded by older, more mature pupils.  Their social life is changing with growing interest in the opposite sex, dating, starting new relationships, which seem everlasting, in addition to extracurricular activities, part time jobs for some, plus lots of homework to keep up with.

Not to mention the importance of fashion, such as certain brand names, make up, and most of all, peer pressure.

I came across a great article on this subject, which offers very helpful suggestions on how to deal with stress at school.

You will need to go to that site to read the article in its entirety, but I will provide their bullet points:

1. Create a Schedule

2. Get Plenty of Sleep

3. Ignore the “Mean Girls”

4. Have a Healthy Escape From School

5. Don’t Procrastinate

6. Eat “Brain Foods”

7. Focus on What’s Important

8. Don’t Abuse Drugs and Alcohol

I hope you had a chance to read all about it, and found this information useful, and helpful.

I am very interested in hearing students’ opinion about their High School experience, and their suggestions on dealing with stress associated with beginning the school year.

Enjoy your school year!!

2 thoughts on “Dealing With The Stress Of A New School Year”

  1. Diana says:

    That was so nice of you to link to AllWomenStalk, thank you so much! These are really great tips for students starting at a new school and esp as a freshman. My youngest stepdaughter just started her freshman yr of high school and she was very nervous that no one would talk to her and that she wouldnt have anyone to eat lunch with. But now she cant stop talking about school and how much she loves it!! She’s made so many friends and loves her classes! I hope your kids have had the same happy experience.

  2. Suburban Grandma says:

    You are very welcome.
    I agree that starting new year with a new group of people you really do not know, is very intimidating, and frightening. Some adapt better than others, and then some have to deal with bullies…so sad.
    I am so glad your step-daughter fit right in and is very comfortable now. I think my children were intimidated more by middle school (7th and 8th grade), rather than high school. College was not as bad, since they used to attend camps for many years, so were used to sleeping away from home and fitting in with new friends.

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