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Spring Showers – Baby Showers

Baby Shower cakeApril showers bring May flower, but spring months also burst with wedding showers, and baby showers.

I had a pleasure of attending a baby shower, a couple of weeks ago, and as always, I look for and admire, the creativity of others.

I spotted a very nice diaper cake:

Diaper cake

Someone put a lot of effort into decorating this cake with numerous, and  very useful baby items.

The food was wonderful, as it took place in a very cozy Italian restaurant,  in New Jersey.

The favors were quite appropriate for the season and the occasion, and very practical.

This cute kitchen gadget, which everyone always needs, was an egg shaped kitchen timer, nestled in a pretty gift box:

Egg shaped kitchen timer

Isn’t  that just the most wonderful idea?  (I actually needed a kitchen timer, as  my decided to retire before its time).

If you are planning a baby shower in a near future, these are some ideas for you, or you can  check out my previous posts for great games ideas, thoughtful favors, blue or pink punch recipes, or a different version of a diaper cake.

It can’t get any easier to find all of these ideas with only a few clicks of your mouse.

Enjoy your party planning.

4 thoughts on “Spring Showers – Baby Showers”

  1. Suzy says:

    I love that wedding cake /diaper cake idea. And the egg timer put into a nest in the little box, could represent nesting. Clever ideas!
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Suburban Grandma says:

    Thank you Suzy for stopping by and leaving a lovely comment.
    I really enjoy creative thinking, and sharing it.

  3. All Women Stalker says:

    A diaper cake! How fun. A new mom would surely appreciate it 🙂

  4. suburbangrandma says:

    This is a fun way to give diapers as a gift (I used 100 diapers for the diaper cake I made)

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