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Wine Corks – Interesting Backsplash

Container filled with hundreds of wine corksI would be very interested in knowing how many of you are into wine cork collecting?

Pinterest has  numerous  arts and crafts ideas from wine corks.  You should check it out!

You will find cork floor mats, coasters, place mats, wall decor, candle holders, Christmas Tree decorations, etc.

My daughter and her husband have been collecting their wine corks for few years now, with some help from other family members as well.

They were contemplating several ideas to use up those wine corks , but once their basement was finished, which  includes a fairly spacious kitchen, they knew exactly which cork project to pursue.

Yes, you guessed it….a very interesting backsplash for their new kitchen.

Today I will share some pictures I took of that project, which began with my daughter’s idea, and finalized by her husband, with a helping hand from his dad.

This actually turned out to be a nice family project.

Wine Cork backsplash - begining stages

It all started with a special backing board attached to the wall, to outline the backsplash area.

They also installed extended (protruding from the wall) electrical outlets, to allow for the thickness of the corks in the backsplash.

Wine Cork backsplash - close up

As you can see here, the electrical outlets are nicely fit on the surface of the cork backsplash.  Nice job!

Wine Cork backsplash - close up 2

Here is a close up view of the corks, placed in a specific pattern, to create a very interesting backsplash.

Wine Cork backsplash

At last, the finished project, with lots of corks still left over…ready for another project…?

Please note, there are some color corks placed strategically throughout the  backsplash,  to add a little more color and character.

I was very pleasantly surprised by the outcome of this project.

What a great way to recycle wine corks, and be surrounded by many memories of the numerous occasions these wines were shared with family and friends.

Please share your comments, plus other ideas and experiences you may have with creating interesting projects from wine corks.


4 thoughts on “Wine Corks – Interesting Backsplash”

  1. Charlene says:

    I love it!!! What a great idea and it turned out fabulously!! I’ve been saving corks for years as well but now most of the white wine I consume has twist caps. 🙁 boo haha! Thanks for sharing this!!!

  2. Suburban Grandma says:

    Thank you. I would have never thought of turning used wine corks into something so useful, and saving a ton of money on having a backsplash installed…:-)
    I’m sure you will come up with a nice project for your corks as well…when you get a little more free time…

  3. wendy says:

    OMG… love it.!!! My plans are to use all the marble/granite wine coasters from different winerys we have purchased over the years to use as a backsplash. I want to have them randomly be part of the backsplash. Not yet sure of the design.. any suggestions?

  4. Suburban Grandma says:

    What a wonderful idea, and such sweet memories you will be surrounded with…I love it!
    I am sure you will come up with a super design, which will be beautiful and personal.
    Please share pictures of your finished project…:-)

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