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Monthly Archives: July 2009

Kalmar Nyckel – A Little Piece of Wilmington

I think I am still considered a “newbie” to Delaware, or at least I feel like one, especially after reading a post about the adventures of “Kalmar Nickel”, on one of my favoriteblogs which I follow regularly, Here is a short insert from her post, to get you started:

Special Birthdays – Humor

This is a very memorable year in many different ways, and there is no need for me to make a list, since everyone is glued to the daily news, thus well aware of it all.

I wanted to add some humor to lighten things up a little, so here are some pictures of the latest Special Birthdays:

The Sound of Music – Julie Andrews

It’s time for some fun….Lets reminisce about the wonderful movie “The Sound of Music”, and the star actress/vocalist, Julie Andrews. A friend of mine sent me this email, and I can’t get the song out of my mind, so I am passing it on to you all, so you can try the new lyrics.