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Monthly Archives: September 2009

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Why Hair Goes Gray

I often wondered why the hair starts turning gray very early in life for some people, and yet for others, myself included, there are only few gray hairs here and there, at this later stage in our lives.

So, when I found this article with some scientific explanations, I wanted to share it with all of you, so you also stop wondering and blaming other factors for turning your hair gray.

I am not a scientist or a doctor, so I really can’t comment here, but I bet my Pharm D. children, and MD friends, might chime in with their opinion, which is sincerely encouraged and welcome.

Tomato Soup – Recipe

What do you do with all those ripe tomatoes you have just picked off from your garden, or bought at a farmer’s market? You can share them with your neighbors, if they don’t grow their own, and if you are certain that they like tomatoes and are not allergic to them. If you decide to keep them, but you really do not want to spend lots of time in the kitchen, by making home made tomato sauce, you can turn them into a very fast and easy, yet very tasty tomato soup.

My Suburban Tomatoes

There still seems to be some controversy over a tomato; is it a fruit or a vegetable? I will leave it up to your to decide, because I have a new issue with tomatoes. One of my tomatoes grew a “spare” part, which looks like a nose, giving this tomato some character. So I decided to dress it up a bit, and call it “Mr. Tomato Head”, as a company to the ever famous “Potato Head” .

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9/11 – 8th Anniversary Tribute

It is believed that “TIME HEALS WOUNDS”, but does it really? How much time will it take to heal our wounds of 9/11. It has been EIGHT years now, but it seems like only yesterday, we all lived through the worst tragedy of the history of our free nation.