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9/11 – 8th Anniversary Tribute


It is believed that “TIME HEALS WOUNDS”, but does it really?  How much time will it take to heal our wounds of 9/11.  It has been  EIGHT years now,  but it seems like only yesterday, we all lived through the worst tragedy of the history of our free nation.

So many lives were destroyed, dreams shuttered, families profoundly hurt, all from cowardly, senseless act of terrorism.  Our peace and freedom was scarred deeply, and we will never forget that day of 9/11, which only made our nation stronger and even more united, to do everything in our power to prevent such tragedy from occurring on our land ever again.

My sincere sympathy and prayers pour out from my heart, to each and every person affected in anyway by the tragedy of 9/11.

Vichnaya Pamyat (Eternal Memory) to my 3rd cousin, Scott D. Bart, a young and very bright professional, who perished in the Twin Towers on that tragic day of 9/11.

This picture was taken at Flushing Cemetery in Queens, New York, on Memorial  Day, by the credited photographer.

When I found this picture, I thought it would be very appropriate for this post, since my cousin’s great-grandmother, who came to this country in search of the “American Dream”  in the early 1900’s, settled in Queens, New York,  and also was laid to rest at the Flushing Cemetery, along with her other family members.

4 thoughts on “9/11 – 8th Anniversary Tribute”

  1. Paul G. says:

    This is a very good question, “How much time will it take to heal our wounds of 9/11” ? I personally was traveling this past week on business while meeting co-workers from India. We had a discussion about airport security and both agreed that it seemed very unfair that now everyone has to go through such a precise discriminate check because of some horrible people that did terrible things. It is in agreement that there does need to be security measures, however where is the line for freedom and choice?

  2. Suburban Grandma says:

    I actually empathize with innocent travelers, who have to go through the extensive check at airports, but as you know “one bad apple spoils a bushel”, so better to be safe than sorry. Not all criminals and terrorists can be spotted easily, so as a precaution, everyone needs to be checked thoroughly. We owe it to the thousands who lost their lives on 9/11, because we were not cautious enough, thus our freedom was violated, and our security compromised.

  3. Jessica Rogers says:


    We don’t know each other but I wanted to tell the family of Scott Bart that I placed a flag on his name yesterday at the 9-11 Memorial Walk in Sacramento, California. The memorial service was very touching. I don’t know what it was, but I felt drawn to Scott’s name. As soon as I got home I googled his name and was devastated to learn his story. I am so sorry he was taken so young and I can only hope his family has been able to keep his legacy alive. But please know his story touched my heart and the flag was waving in his honor yesterday.

  4. Suburban Grandma says:

    Thank you so much for your very kind gesture.
    Scott’s family and all who knew him, would be very touched by your good deed, and heart warming comments.
    Thank you so much for sharing.
    God Bless You.

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