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Credit Cards Fraud – Phishing Email

If you live the ”American Dream”, like the rest of us, you are a frequent user of credit cards for everyday purchases , and especially while traveling.

Credit cards are a very convenient way of payment for purchases, since you do not need to worry about having enough cash on you, or losing a cash receipt, etc. However, there is also a down side to having and using credit cards, and that is a credit card fraud, stolen cards, and scams such as phishing emails.

This Season’s Harvest Has Began

With all the frequent rain showers we experienced lately in our area, my garden is in its glory, and thriving.

If you love gardening, as I do, you will agree that no matter how much, and how often, you water your garden, it does not measure up to one good rain fall, and the plants just seem to grow in front of your eyes soon afterward.

This season’s harvest already began in my garden, and, with great pleasure, I was able to pick some baby red beets, dill, chives, summer squash, zucchini, green beans, and basil.

Imperia Pasta Maker – Kitchen Gadget/Small Appliance

I always loved my mom’s homemade pasta, especially in her homemade chicken or tomato soup. I also started to make my own pasta for my family, and they love it. It is simple to make, and out of 2 cups of flour, you get enough pasta for a family of four. Talking about saving money and having great tasting food!
Of course I was doing it the hard way, until one day my daughter presented me with an Imperia Pasta Maker Machine, and making pasta has not been the same since.