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Beef Roulade – Recipe

Everyone has their favorite foods which they crave from time to time, and especially around some special dates, like holidays or birthdays.

My husband just celebrated his Birthday, so I prepared his favorite food for his special day. For the main course I prepared a beef dish, Beef Roulade (his second choice next to Fillet Mignon on the grill), and Ice Cream cake for dessert.

Swedish Meatballs – (Slow Cooker Recipe)

If you are planning a party and need ideas to expand your menu beyond the chips and dips, Swedish Meatballs will to the trick. You can make these from scratch, or cut on preparation time, and buy ready made Italian Style frozen meatballs, just add the sauce, and cook. I tried the ready made meatballs once, and they are almost as good as home made.

Calico Beans – (Slow Cooker Recipe )

If you like chili, or baked beans, you will enjoy this Calico Beans recipe.
It is very tasty and inviting on a cold winter day, or at a barbecue. You will not be slaving over the stove mixing it endlessly, since once you are done with all the prep work, it cooks slowly on its own, in the slow cooker. The smell of fried bacon and barbecue sauce plays games with everyone’s taste buds.