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Shrimp “Paprikash” – Recipe

While doing my grocery shopping today, I noticed fresh AMERICAN shrimp in the seafood department (if you pay attention to labels, you will notice that majority of the shrimp you find is from China, India, Indonesia…. something that I will not purchase. Click on these links to read more about it.

Broiled/Grilled Salmon – Recipe

I am not a big fan of seafood, even though I know fish is full of Omega-3 fat, which is healthy for your heart.
So, why am posting a fish recipe? Well, because this is one of the fish dishes that I do not mind preparing, and actually enjoy eating.

It is very quick, simple, and delicious. It can be broiled or grilled.

Tuna Melts – Recipe

Here is another meatless dish, which is quick, easy, and nutritious. Perfect for a busy mom who strives to serve her family a healthy meal. These are perfect alone, or accompanied by a nice serving of garden salad, or a bowl of soup. This recipe serves 2-4.