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My Autumn Flower Garden

As the Autumn days are getting shorter and shorter, my flower garden is getting skimpier and skimpier.  Actually as I am writing this post, some of the flowers displayed here already have fallen victim to the frost we had couple of days ago.  I covered up the Canna Lily, so I still can enjoy their gorgeous blooms for a while, and the Hardy Mums will last until a real deep frost, so hopefully that will not happen until mid December.

Below is my selection of Hardy Mums I planted this year, since last year’s plants were not hardy enough to survive the winter, with the exception of the Yellow and Buttercream Mums.

Happy Halloween – Beauty of Nature

Halloween is not one of my favorite holidays/celebrations. I like pumpkins and scarecrows, even witches and bats, but do not care for the RIP signs, the skeletons, sculls, and all the other grotesque decor.