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Happy Halloween – Beauty of Nature

Happy HolloweenHalloween is not one of my favorite holidays/celebrations.  I like pumpkins and  scarecrows, even witches and bats, but do not care for the RIP signs, the skeletons, sculls, and all the other grotesque decor.

I love watching children all dressed up in their favorite character’s costumes, getting all excited about checking out the candy supply I have ready to hand out.  I even like dressing up in a costume myself, to be festive for giving out the candy.

So, instead of more Halloween decorations, I decided to share a display of the beauty of nature at this time of the year.

Last year there was a mysterious tomato plant, that sprouted on its own, in my daughter’s flower patch.  It turned out to be an endless tomato producing plant.  Honestly, that one plant must have produced about 40 regular size tomatoes.  It was amazing!

This year she has another surprise plant in her flower patch.  At first we were not sure ourselves what it was, and almost pulled it during weeding, but now it turned out to be an asparagus plant.

You see, I am not the only one who gets freebies in her garden.  Are you this lucky as well?  We all would be delighted to hear about it, please.

For those of you who are familiar with asparagus, only from seeing it at your grocer, you will be quite surprised how it actually starts it cycle, and what better way than seeing it in pictures.

Asparagus plant

You see how beautiful and dainty are the fern like branches of the asparagus plant?  In Europe these branches have been used in flower arrangements, instead of Baby Breaths.

Asparagus plant 4

Here is a close up of the actual asparagus stalk , which as you can see,  grows separately from the fern leaves, yet from the same plant root system.

Asparagus plant 3

Here is a close up look of the top of the asparagus stalk, which you are so accustomed to seeing at the grocery store.

Very soon my daughter’s family will have at least three, very fresh, and free, asparagus pieces for dinner.

Nature is not only beautiful, but also bountiful.

Now I will also show you a picture of a Hardy Mum plant I bought for my daughter and son-in-law, when my granddaughter was born.  It was just a regular potted plant, about a foot tall, but look at it now.

Huge hardy mums plant

Two years later, this potted average plant, turned into a huge mound of blooms.  It is at least three feet in diameter.

Huge hardy mums flowers Huge hardy mums flower


Here is a close up of the flowers, and a closer yet view the flower’s details.  Absolutely gorgeous!!

These Hardy Mums are perennial plants, and if you want to control their growth, you can keep them in the pot from year to year (see first picture above), or plant them in freedom, and expect them to really take off and give you a unbelievable display of beautiful color.

Goodbye summer

Here is my last flower display picture  of the season, and I will call it “Goodbye Summer” flower display.


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