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My Autumn Flower Garden

As the Autumn days are getting shorter and shorter, my flower garden is getting skimpier and skimpier.  Actually as I am writing this post, some of the flowers displayed here already have fallen victim to the frost we had a couple of days ago.  I covered up the Canna Lily, so I still can enjoy their gorgeous blooms for a while, and the Hardy Mums will last until a real deep frost, so hopefully that will not happen until mid December.

Below is my selection of Hardy Mums I planted this year, since last year’s plants were not hardy enough to survive the winter, with the exception of the Yellow and Buttercream Mums.

Don’t you just love the vibrant colors of these plants…..they add some life to my end of Fall garden.

This is my remaining collection of late summer flowers….Canna Lily, Dahlia, Zinnia, and Snapdragon.

The Entryway is beginning to brighten up with the Hardy Mums, as well as the Snapdragon and Red Salvia still hanging on.

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