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Apple Dessert – Recipe

I came across this recipe, and the mere fact which caught my eye, was that even though the cake is baked, it does not require any batter mixing.
This recipe is so simple, thus perfect for even the beginner baker. The finished product is not heavy, not too sweet, and , may be served warm or cold, plain or with choice of topping.

Spring Cleaning – Useful Tool

I don’t abscess with cleaning, by no means, but I have a favorite slogan, which I love to share:
“This house is dirty enough to be happy, but clean enough to be healthy”.

My spring cleaning usually starts a few weeks before Easter, another habit passed on to me by my mom, and it includes washing all the curtains and all be bedding, rearranging of the furniture, vacuuming meticulously with attachments into all the corners missed during regular cleaning, vacuuming the upholstered furniture, cleaning out closets, and filling up bags with items to give away, or to ship to relatives abroad, and of course, washing windows.

Rice Cooker – Must Have Kitchen Appliance

Those of us who enjoy cooking, are always on a lookout for new gadgets, cookware and kitchen appliances, and other useful tools which would make the job easier, faster and still result with a scrumptious meal to put on the table.

I am on that list as well, and even though I already enjoy using my pressure cooker and a slow-cooker/crockpot, I came across yet another very useful kitchen appliance, the rice cooker.