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Rice Cooker – Must Have Kitchen Appliance

Rice Cooker 2Those of us who enjoy cooking, are always on a lookout for new gadgets, cookware and kitchen appliances, and other useful tools which would make the job easier, faster and still result with a scrumptious meal to put on the table.

I am on that list as well, and even though I already enjoy using my pressure cooker and a slow-cooker/crockpot, I came across yet another very useful kitchen appliance, the rice cooker.

Since I still do not have that one, I read about it on this blog, and it sounds like something I should add to my wish list, and you might find it useful as well.

Don’t let the name fool you, since it is not only for cooking rice.  According to Leah Ingram from Suddenly Frugal, this appliance may also be used to:

  • steam vegetables
  • cook seafood
  • make pasta–as in heat it up in the absence of a pot on a stove, not actually “make” pasta
  • act as a stockpot for making soup
  • cook and steam dumplings

Don’t you agree that it is a must have kitchen appliance?

I have a Flavor Scenter Steamer,  made by Black & Decker, which I use for steaming rice and vegetables.

Rice Steamer

This steamer may also be used for steaming fish, clams and chicken breast, but these are not my favorite foods to steam.

I love using it for steaming my rice, since it is such a clean way to get the job done (no overflowing all over your pot and stove)….what a mess that creates…which is my problem lots of times with cooking rice on the stove.

My daughter does not seem to have this problem, because she actually follows directions when cooking rice, and I seem to skip over some very vital parts in these directions…oh well…this way I had a good reason to own a steamer, and help the economy, at the same time.

I will continue to share posts about my other  favorite kitchen tools/gadgets, but as always, I would love to hear about your favorites as well.

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