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No More Peeling Potatoes – Easy New Method


Creative Commons License photo credit: Last Hero

Here is a very simple question, regarding not such an easy task:

Do you like peeling potatoes?

Peeling potatoes doesn’t look difficult, especially when someone else is doing it, right?

I was always quite amazed by the speed my mom would peel potatoes, but no matter how hard I try; I don’t even get close to her speed.  I personally do not like peeling potatoes, and one of the reasons is that I feel very awkward using the potato peeler, so I use a paring knife, with a constant fear of cutting myself.   I use potatoes a lot in my cooking, so it is a must job for me!

However, as with any other problem, someone always comes up with a great solution.  My potato peeling dilemma has been eased by this simple “Never again peel potatoes” method.

Please watch this wonderful video, sent to me by a friend, and let me know what you think.

First time I watched this video, I had some doubts, but believe me, I tried it and it REALLY WORKS!!!!!!

I had Red Potatoes on hand, so I used those to test this theory.  Once the potatoes cooked, I drained out the hot water, filled a bowl with cold water from my faucet (I did not even use ice water), and placed the hot potatoe in it.  After 30 seconds, the potato skin came off like magic.

What a great time saver, especially if you are planning to make a potato salad.

Now, how easy and convenient is that??

Please give it a try, and let me know what you think.

Are you ready to throw away your potato peeler yet?

I am still keeping mine, since I love to use it for peeling carrots and cucumbers.

If you have additional “easy does it” suggestions for solving any other tedious tasks, please share them with me and all my readers, since I enjoy testing these out, and passing them on to others.

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