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Spring Cleaning – Useful Tool

#37     03-08-2007

Creative Commons License photo credit: worak

There are those of you out there who actually enjoy organizing, sorting and cleaning, and I am a member of your club.

I remember back from by younger years, how I just loved helping my mom with folding laundry, washing windows,  and gardening.  This habit stayed with me all these years, and still going strong.  You probably will think that I’m crazy, but I get such a great feeling from finishing a cleaning task I undertake.

I don’t obsess with cleaning, by no means, but I have a favorite slogan, which I love to share:

“This house is dirty enough to be happy, but clean enough to be healthy”.

My spring cleaning usually starts a few weeks before Easter, another habit passed on to me  by my mom, and it includes washing all the curtains and all be bedding, rearranging of the furniture,  vacuuming meticulously with attachments into all the corners missed during regular cleaning, vacuuming the upholstered furniture, cleaning out closets, and filling up bags with items to give away, or to ship to relatives abroad, and of course, washing windows.

Washing windows and sliding doors is always such a challenge, because it looks like you have done a great job, until the sun hits it just so, and shows you all the nasty streaks you left behind.  Don’t you agree?

Well, this year I splurged on a very useful tool to help me with this job, and it was wonderful.

Not only I was able to finish the job in half the time, there were hardly any streaks left behind…I was so relieved!

This simple tool, is a squeegee which I purchased at a local grocery store:

Shower Squeegee by Quickie Mfg.Corp.

It is not a very sophisticated tool (I wish I invented it), but it was my best friend during this year’s spring cleaning.

It’s actual name is “Shower Squeegee”, manufactured by Quickie Mfg. Corp, and best of all, the cost is under $5, so how can you go wrong with that?

My windows came out great, and I use it regularly to clean  my sliding doors.  I even tried it on my bathroom mirrors and shower doors.

My daughter owns an upgraded version, one with a telescopic handle (f0r those hard to reach areas), a sponge on one side and the straight edge on the other side.  Hers is more expensive, but money well spent.

So, if you dredge doing windows, as they need to be done more than once per year, I recommend investing in some type of a squeegee, and your job will be a breeze.  Believe me, you will come back and thank me!

This is a must have tool not just for cleaning regular  windows, but also car windows, and shower walls.

If you have a favorite tool to ease your spring cleaning job, please feel free to share it with us.

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