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Tax Season – 5 Tips on Understanding Home-Office Deduction

Many people work from home these days, and some of my family and friends have home based businesses. So when I read this article about home-office tax deductions, I decided to pass it on.

Money Saving Tips On International Phone Calls

Letter writing used to be the most popular, and least expensive, way of communicating with family and friends living abroad. Today, it is email, SKYPE, and phone (be it a land line or cell phone).

Our busy life style and poor economy compel us to search for convenience at lowest cost. As a result of my search for cheaper ways to make phone calls abroad, the following web site,, is saving me a lot of money on phone card purchases, which I use to make phone calls from US to many different countries.

Your Home Appliances And KWH Usage

The major energy user in your home is:
• The heating/cooling system
• Electric water heater
• Refrigerator
• Dryer
• Lighting.
Based on the KWH usage you can calculate the $$ it will cost you to operate these: