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Special News – Wonderful Prize

2644 1942 DeSoto Custom Convertible

Creative Commons License photo credit: bsabarnowl

Today was my last day at work before the Christmas Holiday,  so after I got home I decided to catch up on reading all my favorite blogs.

Many times this actually relaxes me and puts me in a totally different state of mind.  There are so many interesting posts to read, and all so easily found in one place.  I also enjoy leaving comments, expressing my opinion, and sharing my thoughts with others…You could say,  I exercise my freedom of speech.  The people who know me best, would agree with this statement.  I am “Miss Independent” who’s not afraid of speaking up, especially if I feel that the situation might benefit from my input.  Maybe sometimes I should keep my opinion to myself, but what can you say…once the cat is out of the bag, it’s hard to stick him back in.

So as I said, today I was catching up on some of my missed reading…AND…was very pleasantly surprised!!

Do you want to know why?…maybe I should tell you about it some other time, when you have more time to listen…I’m just kidding…I would not want the suspense to kill you…after all it’s time to be merry!!

I was selected as “The Commenter Of The Week” on one of my favorite blogs, All Women Stalk.  Plus, as the icing on the cake, I  WON a super nice  Prize (click on the word Prize  to find out what the prize is)…everything takes some effort you know… and you might get hooked on reading all their great posts as well.

I am so excited and honored, that I had to write this post and share this great news with all of you.

But don’t you worry, I did not forget about my promise to you about posting my cookie recipes….I do have until New Year to fulfill my promise, and I will.  Believe in me… Please.

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