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Hot Cocoa Mix – Party Favors

Hot cocao mix favorLast but not least, I had to share with you a really easy, useful, and quite presentable gift idea for party favors, stocking stuffers, kid’s gifts, or a thoughtful gift for anyone on your list.

My daughter made these party favors for all the Pampered Chef attendees, and agreed to share it on my  blog.


  • Hot Cocoa mix
  • Chocolate Chip morsels
  • Mini marshmallows
  • Disposable cake decorating plastic bags
  • Yarn or ribbon
  • Tags (optional)


  1. Fill each cake decorating plastic bag with:
  2. 4 Tbs of hot cocoa mix (Carnation, in this case)
  3. ½ cup of mini marshmallows
  4. ¼ cup of Chocolate Chip morsels
  5. Tie at the top with a color yarn or ribbon
  6. Attach a tag with instructions for hot cocoa preparation (optional).

Hot cocao mix favors

My daughter loves crafts, so she prepared special snow flake tags, with hot cocoa preparation instructions, and attached them to each cone with a yarn tie.  Doesn’t this look lovely??

Tip: If you use different brand of cocoa mix, please read directions for the amount  of cocoa needed for two servings.  Some brands might require more or less than 2 Tbs per serving.

6 thoughts on “Hot Cocoa Mix – Party Favors”

  1. BusyMom says:

    I love how these look like those nutty buddy ice cream cones from my elementary school memories!

  2. suburbangrandma says:

    Now that you said that…I feel the same way.
    These would be fun for kids to receive, and make hot cocoa on a cold day, like we are experiencing right now. My kids loved warming up with hot cocoa after playing outside in the snow.

  3. Air Charter says:

    that is a great idea, grandma! What kind of cocoa do you use?

  4. Michael's Professional Carpet says:

    So can you cut the tips and pour out the cocoa so it maintains the same layering of Cocoa, Marshmallows, and chocolate chips? Or does it not really matter?

  5. Suburban Grandma says:

    Yes, this is the simplest way to use this cocoa mix, as it makes 2 cups of hot cocoa. The marshmallows float to the top with disregard of when they enter the cup.

  6. Suburban Grandma says:

    You can use any bulk premixed hot cocoa. I used the Carnation brand.

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