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Beef Stew – (Pressure Cooker Recipe)

A soup, chili, or stew is one of those satisfying comfort foods we look forward to on a chilly day.   My grandchildren enjoy this dish as well, so I occasionally prepare it for them as well. Preparing beef stew on top of the stove, the traditional way could be time-consuming, but it only takes 15 minutes in a pressure cooker.

Foundation – Phase Two-The Fat Smash Diet


We successfully completed the Detox Phase of the Fat Smash Diet.

Didn’t the 9 days just fly by? Aren’t you feeling better already? I sure am, and it feels great!

Phase Two is much easier than Phase one, in regards to food selection. Even though we still continue with all the foods from Phase One, we are making new additions. This phase lets us get back to many of the foods we were missing during the past nine days. It still is very important to eat 4-5 smaller meals per day, and healthful snacks in between.

Beef Roulade – Recipe

Everyone has their favorite foods which they crave from time to time, and especially around some special dates, like holidays or birthdays.

My husband just celebrated his Birthday, so I prepared his favorite food for his special day. For the main course I prepared a beef dish, Beef Roulade (his second choice next to Fillet Mignon on the grill), and Ice Cream cake for dessert.

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Beef/Veal Goulash – Pressure Cooker Recipe

One of my husband’s favorite meals is Beef/Veal Goulash, served with garlic butter mashed potatoes. I love cooking, but I really do not like to spend all my time in the kitchen, so my pressure cooker comes in handy for this recipe, since it takes only 17 minutes to cook this meal.