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Multi-Grain Dumplings (Varenyky, Perogie) – Gluten Free Recipe

Verenyky, Pierogi, Perogy, Dumplings, no matter what you call them, you will find them on every Eastern European menu.

This time I used Gluten Free Pizza Crust Whole Grain Mix, and the dumplings turned out awesome.

Gluten Free Palushy (Ukrainian Style Gnocchi) – Recipe

Once again I came across White Farmer Cheese, which is a perfect ingredient to add to mashed potatoes to create filling for Ukrainian Varenyky (Polish Pierogi), or Palushy, also known as Gnocchi, or Lazy Varenyky (Pierogi).

Rice Flour Dumplings (Varenyky, Perogie) – Gluten Free Recipe and Tips

Recently one of my readers inquired about some possibilities of creating varenyky dough from gluten-free flour, as they love these dumplings, but are seriously allergic to wheat.

I took their suggestion as a challenge for myself, and today I used White Rice flour to make the dough, and mashed Sweet Potatoes filling.