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Happy Thanksgiving Day!

It is time again to give thanks for all our blessings and to spend time together with family and friends. However, this year will not be as festive as always, due to the various limitations due to the raging COVID-19 virus.
Today I will not be posting any new recipes but will provide links to my previous posts, for your convenience.

Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s Thanksgiving time again, hence my sincere THANK YOU to ALL, for visiting my blog, reading the posts, leaving lovely comments, and spreading the word to your family and friends.

I truly appreciate your time and effort, since the more readers I have, the greater the drive to continue creating new posts.

Thankful At Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is such a wonderful holiday in the US. It brings our family and friends together to enjoy a meal, as well as to share memories of years past, and express thanks for everything life brings our way. I am thankful for all theĀ  Lord’s

Thankful at Thanksgiving

This December I will celebrate my 2nd Blogging Anniversary, and am very pleased to inform you that my readership started with 600 visits per month, and currently it stands at 4500, and growing. ALL THANKS TO ALL OF YOU!

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Giving Thanks – Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is fast approaching, family and friends are finalizing their travel arrangements, turkey is defrosting, Black Friday is inevitable, and most of all,