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How to Repair Your Drought Damaged Lawn








I enjoy vegetable and flower gardening, and my husband takes care of the lawn, which I think it is more of a “man thing”, based on my observation of seeing more men working with their lawn, while more women tending to other gardening projects.¬† Don’t you agree?

The above pictures are of our lawn in May (0n the left, as you probably guessed it), and to the right is the current issue with this lawn in August, after being scorched by the hot summer sun.

We are lucky to only have few spots of burnt out grass throughout our lawn, but nonetheless, these need to be restored to its original appearance.

If you are facing the same issue with your lawn, and are looking for ways to remedy it, I found a perfect article on this very subject, which is very interesting and helpful.

“Doing¬† Spot Repair To Drought Damaged Lawn” – by Mike McGroarty, who is a fountain of knowledge on all gardening subjects.

Also, if you are planning to reseed your lawn, or start a new one, check out his article on, “How to Plant Grass Seeds”, where you find many suggestions on the type of grass seeds to use, and the best way to plant grass.

Good Luck with your lawn refurbishing project!

Please share your tips and suggestions, so the thousands of readers of will benefit from your input, and love you for it.

Thank you.


2 thoughts on “How to Repair Your Drought Damaged Lawn”

  1. Aerator Man says:

    Great post. Thanks for sharing. What I do to keep my lawn from getting pretty much burned in the summer, is to aerate my lawn in the spring. Aerating lawns in the spring will encourage it to grow thicker and greener, and also encourage the roots to go deeply into the ground. So when summer comes, the lawn is healthy enough to withstand the heat / drought. I aerate my lawn in the spring to prepare it for the summer, then aerate it again in the fall in preparation for winter.

  2. Suburban Grandma says:

    Thank you so much for sharing such valuable advice. Aerating sounds like a real lifesaver to keep lawns healthy.
    I did not realize that lawns should be aerated 2x a year…good idea. Thank you again.

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