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Awesome Gift Ideas For Any Occasion

Ceramic ornament 8Are you stressing out because the gift giving holidays are closing in on you, yet you are still battling with a myriad of thoughts on the perfect gift for that someone special?

No worries!!!

Suburbangrandma is here to offer some simple advice.

Fist of all, you should try to make your purchases from your local businesses, small gift shops, craft shows, bazaars, farmer’s markets, hospital gift shops, etc. This way you will not only find fabulous gift, you will also support your local community, rather than some foreign countries which employ children in sweatshops, or do not follow any labor laws.

So, here we go with some gift ideas:

Gift Cards:

  • Car wash – everyone loves to have their car cleaned
  • Grocery Store – who wouldn’t love free grocery???
  • Paying someone’s utility bill
  • Movie Theater – include the popcorn and a drink, if possible
  • Local Restaurants –  (kids might like fast food places, and some adults stay loyal to their favorite franchise coffee shops…)
  • Beauty Salon – from a simple hair cut, to a total papering package
  • Massage foot massage, facial, body massage

If your budget is tight, you can do special things for your loved ones.

These  are the “Gifts from the heart” – as I call them.  They require some funds to start with, but mainly lots of TLC, and time, to complete.

Handmade gifts:

  • Decorative ornaments – for any holiday theme
  • Home baked goods – nicely packaged in tins, holiday bags, or a cup
  • Homemade candy – also nicely packaged for a special touch
  • Crochet gifts – scarfs, hats, blankets, pot holders, place mats, bookmarks
  • Cross stitched items – bookmarks, ornaments, linen dinner napkins
  • Cookies-in-the-Jar – all the dry ingredients for a cookie recipe, with directions
  • Soup-in-the-Jar – same idea as for above cookies in the jar
  • Hot cocoa packaged creatively

There are also great ideas for teenagers, who are too young to have a job, but old enough to carry out these chores for their parents, grandparents, or any special person in their life.

Personalized Coupons:

  • Home cooked meal – anytime, or for a special occasion
  • Babysitting –  give the parents a break, and some time for themselves
  • House cleaning – I bet everyone would love this one
  • Gardening – weeding, planting bulbs, watering, lawn mowing
  • Pet sitting, or pet walking – this one might eventually turn into a paying job later on

BEST GIFT OF ALL – Share your time with someone.

  • Someone special
  • Someone you do not get to see very often
  • Friend, or neighbor, who does not have anyone to talk on regular basis
  • Someone in a nursing home, retirement center, or a hospital

There are a lot of adults, and children, who do not have many visitors, yet long for someone to stop by and say hello, and to share a few precious moments together.

See, I told you not to worry.

Now you are ready to complete your list, and do the right thing.

As always, I like to engage my readers to share their gift giving ideas with all of us.

Thank you!

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