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Beauty of Nature with a Human Touch – My Sister’s Oasis

Red Lilly

tree trunk carvings

tree trunk carving 2

My sister never ceases to amaze me with her green thumb, her passion for gardening, and all her creative talents.

Her husband is not much into gardening, however his creativity complements hers, bringing it all to a beautiful finish, and giving it a special touch.

While my sister drafts and executes all the flower patches, as well as tends to them all, my brother-in-law uses his wood carving talent to turn every tree stump into an interesting carved piece of art.

I don’t think they ever had to dig up a tree stump….as you can see from the attached pictures there are numerous carvings throughout their garden…as a result of fallen, or cut down trees.

My sister also maintains a large vegetable garden, therefore cans, processes, and freezes a lot of her fruits and vegetables to be used in winter time.

Her husband tends to bees, and shares his fresh honey with family and friends.

They sure love Mother Nature, so now I will share their pictures with you.

Please sit back, relax, and enjoy the beauty of nature.

White Peony


water fountain

White Peony, and a small garden pond with a water fountain.

tree trunk carvingsThree tree stumps, overgrown with ivy, and turned into a carved work of art.  Amazing…don’t you agree?

Tree trunk carving

Here is another tree stump which was turned in to a large carved statue, behind which is a Birch tree, with its branches overflowing the top of the statue, creating an image of bushy hair on top of the statue.


Supporting post of this handmade bridge over a pond, has been turned into another carving…how cool is that?   All the woodwork of the fence and bridge rail was done by my brother-in-law.


Here is a good example of my brother-in-law’s carving talent complementing my sister’s talent of selecting the perfect flowering plant for the spot.  At least this carving has a happy face….lol…he must love the colors around him….:-)


This is a large man-made pond, which is a home to many types of fish, as well as ducks.


chickens 1

Besides plants, my sister also loves chickens.  She started her pet chickens as a gift from our dad, and now she enjoys the fresh eggs they provide her with. Isn’t her rooster (left picture) real cool looking?

Sweet Williams 4

Sweet Williams 2

Sweet Williams….they are gorgeous…and so fragrant…I love the way she planted some small white flowering plants below them.

Sweet Williams 3

Sweet Williams

More varieties of Sweet Williams….notice the interesting fence in the back ground of the picture on the right?  Again created by my brother-in-law, and enhanced with the beauty of flowers by my sister.  What a team they are!

lavender flowers


Blue flowersShe sure has a bunch of different ones here…I see Blue Bells, Canna Lily, Fox Glove, Lupine….and numerous others I can not figure out….you may help if you wish, please.

Flowers 1


Yellow flowers


Rose Campion, I think Plena Sunrise Avens…and Hot Pink Phlox.  Such a beauty!

potted plants 2Sooo….. my sister not only utilizes any piece of land she can find to plant something breathtaking….she pots her plants as well, to adore her beautiful veranda….overlooking the back yard with all its nature bounty and beauty.

Lucky for her, she is now retired, but does not let “grass grow under her feet”…for sure…she is always busy doing something outside or inside…the weather dictating  her schedule.

I love my sister and miss her dearly, as we are an ocean apart….:-(


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