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Boy’s Baby Shower – Diaper Cake and Favors

Bunch of Balloons for Boy Baby ShowerBaby showers are so much fun.  So much excitement and so many cutesy baby items to admire, and to  ooohhh and aaahhh about.

You already had the pleasure of reading about a baby shower with a girl’s theme, and now you will find out about a baby shower with a boy’s theme.

This one was for my son and daughter-in-law, as they are expecting their first baby boy, which will make me a proud grandma for the second time.  I am ecstatic, and can’t wait to meet the little fellow.

Lots of preparations were made by members from both sides of the family, and it was a fun party, with lots of delicious food prepared by Giando on the Water in Brooklyn, NY.

View from Giando's Restaurant

Gorgeous view of Manhattan from the restaurant,

Baby Shower Party Room

and fully decorated baby shower party room.

Hanging out baby laundry from the bridge

Hanging out baby laundry from the bridge

The decor theme was “Onesies”, which  was also reflected in the invitations, as well as one of the games, where everyone was invited to express their ideas by decorating a Onesie.

Onesies decorating suppliesBaby Onesies decorating contest - 7

All the decorated Onesies were so adorable, that ALL qualified to be the winners, so the prizes were awarded to the youngest “artists”.  This project was definitely lots of fun for everyone.  I highly recommend it for your baby shower.

Centerpiece - Soft Cudly BearCenterpiece - Cutsie ChickyCenterpiece - Monkey

For the table centerpieces, we used various stuffed animals attached to bunches of balloons,  and the start up kits for decorating the Onesies.

I created a Diaper Cake, out of 150 Pampers diapers, plus some small baby items.  To express the theme of the baby’s room decor accents, I used a plush monkey paying a guitar, as the cake topper.

The book  “Curious George” was my son’s favorite baby book, hence his admiration of monkeys, and idea for a theme of their son’s room decor.

Diaper cake 1

Here are the close up pictures of the different decorations on each layer of the Diaper Cake:

Diaper cake center of first layer Diaper cake - center of second layer

Pacifier with a soccer ball emblem (very appropriate for this year’s World Cup Soccer), and a monkey baby rattle,

Diaper cake - center of third layerDiaper cake - center of fourth layer

More baby rattles, teeter, and soft tip baby spoons (registry items).

Did you notice the monkeys on the ribbon?

Aren’t they adorable?

Diaper cake - cake topper - Rock'n Monkey

Last, but not least, the famous monkey with his “Rockstar” guitar.

Baby Onesis Cookie favors

For party favors, there were individually wrapped special baby cookies, in the shape of Onesies, of course.

4 different onesie patterns Cute expressions


template for baby shower favors - for web

Also, bottles of hand soap, dressed up in Onesies.  My daughter is very much into stamping and scrap-booking, so all her tools and ideas helped out tremendously, as well as her time.  She’ll make a great aunt!

Since many of you requested a template of the Onesie soap bottle cover, I decided to attach it here.

Please note the length of the onesie template should be TWICE the height of the soap bottle, to cover both sides of the bottle.

TIP: By constructing your own Diaper Cake, you will save a bundle of money, as these cakes can be quite expensive, especially if they have several tiers and use so many diapers, plus the miscellaneous decorations.

Also, preparing your own favors, especially if you are lucky enough to have coupons to purchase your supplies, you can cut the cost down as well.  Of course, it takes imagination,  lots of preparation time, TLC and personal touches.

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