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Boy’s Birthday Party – Football Theme

Birthday InvitationAnother birthday rolled by, and this one was for a three-year old boy, who loves watching football with dad at his side.

He is very proud to yell out their favorite team name, which you will figure out from these pictures.

Not a  surprise to his parents, that he wanted a football theme for his birthday party.

Boys are very active at this age….or at any age for that matter…so his mom decided to have less structured party, and let them enjoy lots of free playtime outdoors.  It worked out great!

Today I will share some pictures from this party, in case you are searching for football theme ideas for your little football player’s birthday party.

The invitations were creatively constructed, to resemble a ticket to a football game.  Love that idea!

NY Giants FlagFootball decor 2


NY Giant's decor

New York Giants is the favorite team for this little boy and his dad…what else would anyone expect from someone who grew up in New York  State..:-)

Party FoodFootball Helmet watermellon carving - close up view

How about this fresh fruit arrangement, topped off with a football helmet carved out of a watermelon.  Nicely done!

Pretzels and Strawberries with Nutella Dip




Football party food 3


Football Field - Taco Dip

This little boy loves food….so his mom had lots of goodies all over the party area, to pick from.

The above replica of a football field is spread over the top of a Taco Dip.

Red-White-and Blue punch

customized NY Giants bottled water

There was a tri-color punch, as well as spring water, in an appropriately labeled bottles (brainstorm of the parents of the birthday boy).

Football is ready to run with

NYYankees and NYGiants - sand box play

Football Field tablecloth - coloring station

Little boys might love football, however, playing with trucks in the sand box, was favored over the football helmet coloring station, set up as an additional activity.

Birthday Cake - Yankees and Giants well represented

Interesting moment at cake time…not only Giant fan was present, but the New York Yankees had their young supporter as well.

It would be wonderful if at least one of those team players would stumble upon this post, just to find out how much support they had with this bunch of fans…:-)

Football Party Favors

After all the snacking, and fun in the sun, the little football players were ready to go home for a long nap, taking along a nice leather football, as a  party favor.


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