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Canna Lily – Beauty In The Flower And Foliage

Red Canna Lily PlantCanna Lily is such a beautiful plant in foliage, and flowers.

I just love the full, luscious leaves, so sturdy and healthy looking.

The flower gets a very slow start before fully opening up into a vibrant beauty of color.

Canna Lily is a perennial plant, yet you can also call it an annual plant, as in many regions  its tubular roots need to be dug up for winter, and stored in a cool, dry place for spring planting.  Just like another tubular rooted plant, the Dahlia.

This year I planted several of the Red Canna Lily plants, and they did very well, despite the unbearable summer heat, unlike some of my other plants.

I admire their leaves as much as their flowers.

Here are some pictures for you to check out, and to let me know if you feel the same way.

Canna Lily - elegant plant

Canna Lily as a full plant.

Canna Lily - foliage beauty

Gorgeous foliage.

Canna Lily - flower bud

Budding flower.

Canna Lily - flower display Canna Lily - flower close up view

Beautiful flower arrangement, and a close up view of a flower.

Just lovely, don’t you agree?

The extra work with storing the roots over the winter, is totally worth it!

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