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Coronavirus – Lets Hear Our Children

Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, became a global household word for all ages over the last several weeks, and it will remain this way for generations to come.

It began in a very small place, but affected the whole world, in a relatively very short time.

So far we know that the elderly and the ones with pre existing conditions are most vulnerable.  However, these findings are changing as the virus spreads, and even though children are considered carriers without symptoms, some are also suffering from it.

As I was saying my prayers today, a thought occurred to me to engage children in the fight against this pandemic, as we need help which goes beyond our human ability and efforts.

I am a very strong believer in the power of prayer, and can count numerous times when my life was affected by God’s Grace as answers to mine and many others’ prayers.

I feel CHILDREN HOLD THE KEY to help us beat this pandemic, in addition to what we already are doing so diligently.

LETS UNITE CHILDREN WORLDWIDE in a prayer to God, to ask for His Grace to heal HIS people and clean the earth of this plague.

Please join me and pass this on to your loved ones, your children and grandchildren, and ask them to do the same.  Lets pray together with ALL THE CHILDREN IN THE WORLD, so God could hear our prayers and offer HIS help.

If you pray to a different god than I do, please consider this pledge and do it your way.

By working and praying together we WILL beat this pandemic of COVID-19.

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