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Flower Garden – Very Special Additions

Very often (maybe too often) I am adding new plants to my existing flower garden, and create flower patches.  Some of the new plants are just new trials, but other ones are very sentimental and special.

Most of my perennial plants have been traveling with our family from state to state, as we moved several times over the years (such is life in the US).

I also have plants gifted to me by other family members and friends.

This year I added a patch (pictured here) with a mixture or perennial and new annual flower plants, which I grew from seeds from Europe, sent to me by my sister.

This patch is very special to me, since every time I am out gardening, I think of my sister and my mom.

The round clump of the yellow flowering bush (Coreopsis) is from my mom, who is no longer with us, hence part of this special flower patch.

Now I will share a closer view of  my new additions.


This plant is also from my sister, but is growing in a different flower patch, close to my patio, and next to other very special plants.

The name of this  plant is Matthiola (Bicornis), or Maciejka.  It is a very delicate plant, with equally delicate flowers with very strong fragrance.   The dainty flowers open up fully in the evening, and extend its sweet fragrance all around them, especially on cooler evening, or when watered.

I remember this plant from my mom’s flower garden, and how much she loved its sweet fragrance.  Here again, it’s a bitter-sweet memory…but that’s life.

Here is another plant I grew from my sister’s seeds.  An annual plant called Balsamina – Touch-Me-Not (Niecierpek). It is part of the Impatient family, so it prefers a cooler location.  Mine grew to about 24 inches in height, and it formed full and strong bush like plants.

What is very interesting about this Balsamina plant, is the way the flowers are tucked away in-between its numerous branches.  Its blooms are pink, red, and purple, which created a colorful arrangement in the garden.

I just noticed that I planted these next to the Coreopsis from my mom.  How sweet is that….this makes us all closely connected through nature.

The Zinnia Dalia plants are popular here in the US as well, but I grew these from my sister’s seeds, so they are very special to me.  They come in mixture of colors: orange, pink, red, white and yellow.  They add lots of color to my garden, and are very suitable for cut flowers for indoor arrangements (but I prefer enjoying my flowers in the garden rather than in the vase).

These are new flower beds created by me last fall.  My husband helped with trimming off the lower branches of the Douglasfir trees, which began to invade a good portion of our yard.  We were going to cut them down all together, but then decided to save them, and just trim the largest bottom branches, which worked out very well.

The trees  still provide the wind protection, and privacy, plus create a new space for additional flower beds (still work in progress…) along the side of our back yard.

This is my largest flower patch on the East side of the house.  It stretches all along the back side of the back porch and the patio.  I love working with this one, because there is so much room for different plants, in addition to the Azalea bushes and evergreens, which fill out the landscaping whole year round.

Now you understand why gardening is so relaxing for me.  It lets me enjoy the beauty of nature, reminisce about the past, and connect with my family.

If you have any sentimental plants in your garden, I would love to hear about it.  Please share your stories.


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