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Gift Ideas from SG


If you are anything like me; you love shopping.  However, to shop for other people on your list, is just a totally different ball game, then I will give you some ideas for the cooks/bakers on your list.

Just in case you have missed my posts about my favorite kitchen gadgets and other kitchen items, I will provide the necessary links for your quick reference.  So please click on the highlighted word, and it will take you to the appropriate page, for more information.

Every kitchen will be much more functional, and the chef will be all smiles  with these:

Pressure cooker, which I love so much, as it saves me lots of time with meal preparations, and makes the meats very tender.  My friend from India told me that she uses it EVERYDAY for her cooking, and it became  a very popular item.

Slow Cooker – Crock Pot – if you know anyone who does not have one of these, they will love you for getting it for them.

Just think of setting it all up, turning it on, and have 5-8 hours of free time to read or write blogs, talk on the phone with your friends, wrap presents, decorate the house, or just enjoy your free time, while your meal is cooking itself in a crock pot, filling your home with a wonderful aroma of the delicious flavors of our meal.

Rice Cooker – a definitely a very convenient small appliance to outfit your kitchen with, especially if you just have enough of overboiled rice all over your pots and your stove, every time you cook rice in a regular pot.

Also, don’t underestimate the multiple functions of this helpful kitchen item, because it is much more versatile than just for cooking rice.  Please check it out and you will fall in love with it, for sure.

Chef’n Garlic Zoom – Best ever garlic chopper – this little gadget is a perfect stocking stuffer for EVERYONE on your list.  A definite must in every kitchen drawer (very inexpensive as well), also a “can’t live without” once you try it.

I have given one of these to so many people now, and they just can’t stop bragging about it, how this little gadget made their garlic chopping experience a real pleasure now,  rather than a chore.

I hope this short list will come in handy for you, and I would like to hear back from you after the holidays (Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, or what ever gift giving holiday you celebrate), if you found it helpful, and your gifts got a warm reception.

Also, please help us all out, and share any of your ideas for “must have” small kitchen appliances, and gadgets. Thank you!

Happy shopping!!!

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