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Heart Attack – Follow Up

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My previous post on Heart Attack- Self Help, provided some helpful information on what symptoms to watch for, if you think that you, or someone else, might be experiencing a heart attack.

One of my readers, “Busy Mom” , left a very informative comment, which I felt I should share with those of you who read the posts, but not necessarily the comments.

Here is what she wrote:

Great article.  Ladies, please keep in mind that a heart attack in a woman is much less “classic” than in a man, which makes it a bigger problem (less women seek early medical attention and therefore have poorer outcomes).  A lot of women will NOT experience chest pain or pressure during a heart attack which is why it is so important to seek help if you have any of the more subtle symptoms like jaw or back pain.

As far as the aspirin goes, you should CHEW, not just swallow, one full strength (325 mg) or FOUR low dose (81 mg) aspirins.  This will get the aspirin into your system quickly, so it can start to thin your blood to lessen the damage to your heart muscle.   Keep an in-date bottle in your home in a non-humid and stable temperature location (i.e. not the bathroom).

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