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Holiday Stress Affecting Children

Taking care of businessChildren can be so cute, adorable, loving, and entertaining, most of the time, but we all know that they also can have their patience trying moments.

Stressful situations surrounding the environment our children live in, can add to their behavior pattern.

Children are like little sponges, soaking up unbelievable amount of information on daily basis, not exactly understanding it all, but nonetheless, absorbing it all none stop.

Someone sent me this very interesting link to a video of a child having a temper tantrum, and how  adults should act, or react, to this situation.

I am sharing it with you all, since during the hassle, and bustle, of the holiday season stressful time, you might benefit from being informed about such scenarios.

Here are a few quotes from that article, but you should click on the link to see the video and read all the details.

Tantrums turn out to have a pattern and rhythm to them.

“Screaming and yelling and kicking often go together,” Potegal said.

“Throwing things and pulling and pushing things tend to go together. Combination of crying, whining, falling to the floor and seeking comfort — and these also hang together.”

“You know, when children are at the peak of anger and they’re screaming and they’re kicking, probably asking questions might prolong that period of anger,” said Green.

“It’s difficult for them to process information. And to respond to a question that the parent is asking them may be just adding more information into the system than they can really cope with.”

The trick in getting a tantrum to end as soon as possible, Potegal said, was to get the child past the peaks of anger. Once the child was past being angry, what was left was sadness, and sad children reach out for comfort.


After you watch the video, please share your comments, or advice, for other parents to benefit from.

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