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Homemade Playdough – Lots of Fun For Children

Making playdough - 5Our three year old granddaughter loves creating fun shapes out of playdough, and while spending a weekend with us, we decided to make some homemade “playdough”.

We basically made some dough, by using a cup of all purpose flour, some water, a little bit of vegetable oil, and few drops of food coloring.

She selected red color, since pink is her favorite color, and with only few drops, the dough did turn out nice a pink.

She had so much fun mixing the ingredients with her own hands, and watching it all turn into a nice soft ball of dough.

I let her use my rolling pin, a dough mat, and lots of cookie cutters.  She even had her own special apron to wear.

We set this project up on the kitchen floor, rather than on the table, or counter top, to prevent any slip ups, or falls.

It was all FUN, FUN, FUN!!

I was very surprised that, at her age, she was so determined to complete the whole project herself, and she did a wonderful job, as you will see from these pictures:

Making playdough - first step- mixing up the ingredients

She had fun mixing the dry ingredients with the wet ones.

Making playdough - second step- forming the dough Making playdough - second step - forming the dough 2

Nothing more fun than a total “hands on” experience.  She did not mind getting her hands all sticky.

Making playdough - second step - forming the dough 3

Look….all done!

Making playdough - rolling the dough Making playdough - cutting out shapes

She was great with using that rolling pin (must have learned from her mom…), and now the dough is ready to cut out fun shapes.

Making playdough - cutting out shapes 2

Making playdough - cutting out shapes 3


Cutting out shapes could be a tough job for those little hands…so she decided to use both hands to press down on the cookie cutter.

Making playdough - fun shapes Making playdough - fun shapes 2

What a beautiful display….before long, she will be making real cookies.

Making playdough - pretend cookies for grandma and grandpa

She decided to take her finished project home to show off to mom and dad, but saved two hearts for grandma and grandpa (Baba and Dido, as she calls us in Ukrainian).

Soooo sweet!!

I am not sure who had more fun, me watching her work at this so diligently, or her experimenting with this project.

I think we both enjoyed it very much, and it was a great learning experience for her as well, to see all the steps it took to come up with the finished product.

After that we made some real cookies, and shared them for an afternoon snack.

If you are blessed with grandchildren, you know what joy it is to spend quality time with them.

It is a wonderful learning experience for the grandparents, and the grandchildren.

Please share what kind of  fun project you engage in with your grandchildren.

We all would love to hear from you.

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