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Improve Your Gas Mileage – Save Money

Go GreenSummer is almost over, but this does not mean that we considerably cut down  on driving.

Some of us prefer to get on the road once the “summer rush” is over, to avoid all the traffic, congestion, and actually enjoy the trip.

Autumn season can be a breathtaking experience for travelers who enjoy the beauty of nature, especially once the leaves begin to change colors, which is my favorite part of that season.

Here are some tips from, on getting the most out of your auto fuel, and help the environment.

Today’s Tip: Relax Your Driving


Improve your gas mileage – and reduce emission – by slowing your roll.


Aggressive driving can reduce gas mileage by up to 33%, costing you an extra $1.31 per gallon.

Did you Know?

The 1912 Ford Model T got 28.5 miles per gallon, making it more fuel-efficient than many of today’s wheels.

Happy trails!

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