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Jello Wedges – Creative Jello Desserts

Jello wedge - serving piece

Everyone loves jello, or at least most of us do.

Three layer jello - Orange jello layer

Jello desserts can be plain and simple; prepared in a single serving dish, then served in chunks.

I love my jello served with whipped cream on top. How about you?

Jello Mold - 2

Jello can be mixed with other ingredients, such as cream cheese and fruits, and turned into a more festive dessert.

Slice of jello dessert

Jello can also be used as a top layer of a cake, and served as an elegant, after dinner  dessert.

Jello in a Grapefruit shell

Today’s jello recipe is somewhat plain, but at the same time, very creative.

It takes some prior planning, as you can see in the above picture, I used hulled out grapefruit shells, as individual vessels for the jello.


  • You simply cut your grapefruit, lemon, or orange, in half, consume the fruit, but save the shell.  You need to preserve the shell undamaged, or your jello will leak out.
  • Orange shells do not need any additional preparation, as long as you remove the orange sections carefully, as not to damage the shell.
  • Grapefruit however, requires additional careful removal of the remaining section fibers, after you scoop out most of the sections and the juice.
  • I also peel out some of the white pulp attached to the section fibers, to leave a nice clean shell.
  • If you need more than one day to save up enough shells, that is fine, as long as you keep them refrigerated , or leave them out in the open air, for a day or so.  They will begin to dry out slightly, but this will not affect their performance.
  • Once you have enough shells, cook your jello per package directions, but use only HALF of the recommended amount of water, to make a firmer jello, thus easier to cut into serving portions.
  • Position your fruit shells on a platter.
  • Fill each shell all the way to the top, with cooked jello.  Hot will not hurt it, and warm will be fine as well.
  • Cool completely. I cool mine at room temperature until mostly set, then I transfer them into the fridge, in a more convenient container.

Jello wedge - in a Grapefruit shell

  • Before serving, use a sharp knife, and cut each shell into serving wedges.
  • First, I cut each shell in half, as above.

Jello wedges

  • Then, I cut those halves, into three even sections.  Therefore, you will get 6 jello wedges from each 1/2 grapefruit shell.

This dessert was a huge hit with my four year old granddaughter.  She absolutely loved eating these jello wedges, as if they were orange sections.

This is a fun way to serve  jello at kid’s parties!!

I used Lime jello, for a more springy color for Easter Sunday, but any flavor is suitable.

The grapefruit aroma of the peel, does slightly permeate into the jello, but does not affect it adversely.

Using the fruit shells for serving jello, eliminates washing the serving dishes.  The leftover peel can be chopped up, and thrown into your garden to add acidity to your soil, or shredded in your garbage disposal, to freshen it up.

It is an all around winner!, no matter how you look at it.

Stay tuned, as my next post will also be dedicated to jello dessert;  European recipe shared by my sister-in-law.

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