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June Blooms – My Suburban Garden

may-flower-red-roseI have shared my April Blooms, and my May Blooms, now it’s time for June Blooms.

This is a transition period in my garden , since all the earlier blooms are passed their blooming time, and there are fewer perennial blooming plants as we get deeper into the summer season.   I have been busy planting summer annuals, to add a splash of color to the remaining foliage, but they will not be ready for pictures until later in the season.

Here is my South side flower patch:


These are my June Blooms:

nigella-love-in-a-mist-plant2 nigella-love-in-a-mist-flower1

Nigella (Love-in-the-Mist) plant and Nigella flower

daylily-and-roses1 daylily-flower2

Daylilies and Roses                    Daylily flower

foxglove-plant2 foxglove-flower3

Foxglove plant and Foxglove flowers

ice-plant ice-plant-flower1

Ice Plant   and Ice Plant flower

chrysanthemums chrysanthemums-flowers

White Daisy Chrysanthemum plant and Chrysanthemum flowers

Now you know how this Suburbangrandma relaxes in her free time….wait a minute…..what free time?

I hope you are enjoying my posts and the beauty of my flowers!

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