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Cute and Crafty Gift Idea – Popcorn Snowman

Gift giving is fun, but selecting just the right gift can be time-consuming, expensive and stressful, or you can make it simple and creative.

I like the simple and creative part, since it makes these kind of gifts that much more special.

The person preparing these kind of gifts is thinking of you during the whole process of completing the project.  How special does that make you feel?

I personally admire creativity in others, and appreciate the effort it takes to create beautiful things.

Last year our office administrator was very creative, and made the pictured here snowman for all of us, at Christmas time.

Apparently the actual wrapper was prepared on a computer, via link her granddaughter sent to her, then she dressed it up with a skillful and creative attire, fit for the occasion.

This could be a wonderful project to make with children, as they can use finger paints, markers, or crayons, to draw the face, with some adult help to create the hat and scarf, as well as the message on the back of the snowman.

If you would like to give it a try, here is the back side of the lovely snowman.













I guess this message will make more sense if I show you what is wrapped inside of this snowman.

You guessed it!  A bag of gourmet popcorn.  Perfect size to create the body of the snowman, and easy enough to wrap it with a 8 x 11 sheet of printer paper.

The hat and scarf are made out of winter design soft fleece fabric, which does not fray, thus very easy to use.

The scarf is just a long rectangular strip of fabric, snipped at the ends to create fringes.  The hat is sewn into a tube, tucked under at one end, and fringed and tied at the top. How cute is that?

If you do not want to do any sewing, you can use hot glue gun, or craft glue, to make this hat.

There you have it… simple, cute, lots of fun to make, and very thoughtful.  Not to mention, quite delicious to enjoy once popped and shared with the family during a movie night.

This would also make a great gift you your child’s teacher, babysitter, grandparent, or a neighborhood friend.

Please share your creative gift ideas.  Can’t wait to hear them all!

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