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Leftover Turkey – Creating New Meals

Your Thanksgiving dinner was a winner.  Everyone enjoyed the company and the delicious food.

However, now you have loads of leftovers to use up within the next 3-4 days.

Some of us do not mind having the same food for another meal, but it gets boring after that, so we need to bring on our creative side for using up the leftovers.

I will provide few suggestions, in case you are too tired to search the internet for new recipes.


Adults and kids love leftover chicken, or turkey meat baked into Tetrazzini casserole.


Another quick “new” dish from leftover meat, is a batch of Potstickers.  You might need to purchase some Wonton wraps, in case you ran out of your previous stack.


Chicken or Turkey Pot Pie is an excellent way to use up a bunch of leftover meat, and turn it into a delish new

meal.  I love having a piece of this pot pie served with a dollop of homemade cranberry sauce….yum.


Turkey Croquettes are also  a fast and easy way to turn leftover chicken or turkey meat into a whole new dish.


Making some Turkey Salad, from that leftover Thanksgiving turkey, is the easiest dish ever.

Another easy idea is a turkey sandwich, on a fresh roll, with some stuffing and cranberry sauce all layered perfectly on top of some turkey meat.


Please share your ideas for creatively using up leftovers from your Thanksgiving dinner.  Thank you.


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