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Mermaid Theme Birthday Party


I had the honor of attending another birthday party for a very special little girl who turned 3, who absolutely loves princess, mermaids and dress up clothes.

She asked her mom to use a Mermaid theme for her birthday party, and it sure was lots of fun with decorations and crafts.

Today I will share a bunch of pictures I took at the party, for your enjoyment and perhaps a party idea for your little girl.

First I will show you some of the decorations throughout the house.  Most of these came from Party City, Marshalls, Home Goods…etc.

Entry hall and gift table.  Notice the scalloped edge of the table covers to resemble scales on the mermaids tail.

Entry into the party room.

Jellyfish lanterns…so delicate and perfectly located by the window, making them look like they are actually under water.

Glass fish container full of sea shells, along side of mermaids balloons, made a perfect centerpiece.

Mermaid tails in different shapes and colors were displayed everywhere ..

Mermaid birthday banner was a must… of course..:-)

Drinks station…

Mermaid birthday cake, cookies and cupcakes station…and a beautiful (reusable) silk screen in the background, with under the sea motif.

Appetizers for everyone, before the actual lunch was served.


Every “princess” received her personal mirror to decorate.  A treasure chest full of beads and charms to decorate it with, and to make your own bracelet.  Such perfect things to encourage these little fingers to create beautiful designs, and to keep these treasures.


I promised them that all their art work will be displayed on my blog….so that is why I am sharing so many pictures…:-)

A dress up station….with jewelry, crown and fancy shoes.  These were used by many of the little “princes”  once they were done with all their crafts, and had beautiful bracelets to check out in the mirror, while testing these fancy high heels and crowns.



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