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My Christmas Tree Decorating Theme

Christmas TreeDecorating a Christmas Tree is a fun time for the whole family to engage in.  We always used to have a fresh Christmas Tree, and I loved the evergreen smell that filled the house.  However, later on, we decided to save a tree and purchased an artificial one.

Our tree decorating theme continued to change throughout the years, as the family was growing older. We started with a bunch of handmade ornaments created by our children and added some handcrafted ones purchased at craft shows, and church bazaars.  I still have most of these decorations, but will slowly pass them back to the family  “artists”, as now they decorate their own trees, with their growing families.

My current Christmas Tree decorating theme consists of snow flakes, angels, and Ukrainian design ceramic ornaments.

Today I will share pictures of my angel ornaments.

Ceramic Guadian Angel

This is a Ukrainian design ceramic bell-shaped ornament, with a painted picture of a Guardian Angel, protecting small children going sledding.  There actually is a special prayer for children to their Guardian Angel, and my little granddaughter is learning it already.

Crinkle paper angelThis angel was made by a very  nice young lady I knew in upstate NY.   I purchased it at a church bazaar.  It is made out of a wooden ball, crinkle paper, and some ribbon.

crochet angel

This crochet angel is very special to me, as it was made by my sister, and sent to me from Europe.  She is very talented and creates all her crocheting pieces, thus one of a kind, without any written instructions. She taught me how to crochet, during our early teen years, but I am not nearly as good at this as she is.  I am so proud of her.

Stained Glass AngelThis stained glass angel was made by an artist in Europe and gifted to me by my niece, who lives in Krakow.  My nieces are such dolls.

crochet doily angel crochet doily angel 2

These two angels were created by a very kind lady I worked with several years back.  Every year I decorate my tree with these, I reminisce about those happy days we shared at work.

Embroidery Floss AngelThis angel is made mostly out of white embroidery floss and some ribbon.  I also purchased this one at a church bazaar.

Nylon twine angel This very dainty looking angel is made out of a nylon twine.  It was handmade by a craftsman in Krakow, and my niece presented me with it.  She loves art, and being an architect herself, she has a good eye for beautiful things.

Straw angelThis angel is created out of straw.  I purchased it at an art museum, as it reminded me of  Christmas ornaments from my childhood.

I had a wonderful time sharing these pictures, and thoughts, with you.

Hopefully you found them interesting and enjoyable.




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