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My Collection of Easter Eggs (Pysanky)

Ukrainian Easter Egg - Family collectionIf you have been following my posts for a while now, you have learned a great deal about the Ukrainian art of Easter Egg decorating.  However if you just joined us recently, you may catch up by visiting these previous posts on this subject:

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Today I would like to share with you some of the Easter Eggs in my own collection:


My children, during their early teenage years (that is several years ago now), designed these Ukrainian Easter Eggs.  I have devoted 16 years as a volunteer program director of a youth group at my church, and Easter Egg decorating was the most desired craft project every year.  Even the youngest group members, 6 years old, tried their hand at the art of decorating Easter Eggs (we would let them use hard boiled eggs….to avoid disasters and disappointments with the finished product).  It was such a joy to see their faces light up, once the wax came off their completed eggs, and the beautiful colors of the design miraculously appeared from underneath.

Now let me share some of the different styles of Easter Eggs in my collection.


These two Ukrainian Easter Eggs were designed by a couple of very talented young ladies from a church my family and I were members of in upstate New York, and presented to my husband and me, as a going away gift.


This Easter Egg was shipped to me from Poland, by my niece.  It is a real egg shell, and the design is brush painted on, and preserved with a special sealer.


This Easter Egg was designed in Ukraine, and given to me as a gift.  It is a real egg shell studded with color beads, creating an interesting design.


These  are wooden eggs, with the design painted on.   These eggs were made in Ukraine, and purchased by me at a craft show.

You may like to visit The Ukrainian Museum, to preview a beautiful display of Ukrainian Easter Eggs and other artifacts.

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