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My Early Spring Garden 2015

My new addition - Yellow and Royal Blue Primrose


Spring is here….my favorite time of the year to admire the beauty of nature.

So much color everywhere, and absolute perfection in every plant and flower.

Today I will share pictures of all the spring flowers currently blooming in my garden.

Spring Forget-Me-Not

Spring Forget-Me-Not.

My North Shade Garden Ground Cover- Periwinkle



Hosta, Grape Hyacinths and Hot Pink Creeping PhloxHosta, Grape Hyacinths, Hot Pink Creeping Phlox.


Creeping Phlox, Columbine, Grape Hyacinths, CoreopsisHot Pink Creeping Phlox, Columbine, Coreopsis, Grape Hyacinths.

Creeping Phlox and Star of BethlehemLavender Creeping Phlox and whit Candytufts.

My new addition - Yellow and Royal Blue PrimroseNew addition to my garden….Yellow and Royal Blue Primrose.

Please tell me about your spring flowers 🙂

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