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My May Garden

All the rain showers we have been having lately washed off many of the early spring flowers, but new ones came up in their place.

Also, my veggie garden is fully planted by now, so all this fine rain is great for my baby plants.

Today I will share some of the current flowers in my garden.

Hot pink Peonies are in full bloom…and Azalea’s blooms are starting to fade away.  Last Fall I rearranged my flower patch (made it smaller), so the white Azalea did not like that move and did not bloom this year…I am sure it will be beautiful next year….:-)

Here is my first red rose for this year…can’t wait to see the whole bush ablaze with red blooms.

I love this light blue color and the dainty foliage.

The peach color Dianthus is a new addition to my garden this year….a gift from my daughter.

All my Irises…German, Siberian and Japanese…are in bloom.

This spring I also changed the design of my vegetable garden.  I used over 100 cinder blocks ( 6″ x 16″) to create this new look, which makes it much easier for me to work the garden due to the cement paths I have separating each patch.

Also, I filled the holes in the cinder blocks with soil and planted some Marigolds, lettuce, and these plants do not need much root space.

Since I  have some friendly rabbits visiting my garden, I installed a low chicken wire fence to keep them out of my veggies.

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