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My Organic Garden – Greencrisp Burpless Hybrid Cucumbers

Growing cucumbers presents a challenge for me, since their season seems to be way to short, compared to the rest of the plants I grow.

I remember my mom’s cucumber season used to last so much longer than mine does.

Soon after I begin to pick off the grown cucumbers, and even though there are still lots of new blooms, the vines begin to dry out slowly, and the plant eventually dies.

I really would like to hear from all the gardeners out there with some advise on this issue.  Please help.

I am updating this post, since I did get some help from LoyalGardener site, about picking cucumbers.

This year I tried a different variety of cucumbers, just to see if I will have more luck growing these for a longer time.

I selected the Greencrisp Burpless Hybrid Cucumber, by Burpee.


So far the plants are doing very well.  However, I noticed that they like to climb, rather than sprawl on the ground, so I purchased a support trellis, which they utilize fully, as you can see from the above picture.

This is my first harvest this year, and even though they resemble the English Cucumber  (which you can find at the grocer usually wrapped in a plastic sleeve), the outside layer is covered with needle sharp stubby pricks, making them kind of difficult to handle.

I used a veggie scrubbing brush to scrub these off under running water.

They are excellent for slicing to use in:

My granddaughter loves to eat them plain, as shown above.

These cucumbers are practically seedless, their skin is very thin, so you really may choose not to peel them at all.  They are much tastier than the regular cucumbers, and have a nice crisp texture.  Totally delicious.

I highly recommend this variety for the above recipes.

For pickling  (check put this link for easy pickling method), I prefer the smaller variety of cucumbers.

I plant Picklebush Cucumber, by Burpee, to use for pickling, even though they are also very suitable for the above recipes.



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