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My Sister’s Flower Patches – Eastern Europe

Mother Nature's GoldThe beauty of nature is universal.

Nothing is more beautiful and peaceful than all creations of Mother Nature.

I love nature especially during the spring and summer season, while all the plants are so full of fresh life and beauty, and totally breathtaking.

Today I will share a few pictures of my sister’s flower patches from Eastern Europe, and her new hobby  – gardening and raising few chickens – (now that she retired and moved into the suburbs)….just lovely.  Can’t wait to visit her again, and admire it in person.

My sister's garden - front view

Driveway entry landscaping.

My sister's side flower patch

Close up view of the flower patch along the sidewalk side of the driveway.  I love how my sister paired up the the color variation with the plant variety, and their height difference.

My sister's back yard flower patch  Beautiful flower patch

Here are more flower patches from other sections of the property.

She also maintains a vegetable garden, but I did not have any pictures to share with you at this time.

My brother-in-law must be counting his blessings when mowing his lawn, because my sister is continuously expanding her flower patches, cutting into his lawn area.

It must be an inherited thing…. since I am doing the same thing here in the US, with my gardening.

My husband finally gave up on trying to protect his lawn from my “gardening invasion”…-:)

Don’t worry, he still has plenty of lawn to keep him busy and happy.

My Dad's rooster and his chicken ladies 2Mother Hen and her chicks


Here is my sister’s new hobby….raising her own chickens.  She has one rooster and several chickens, to keep him happy.  As you can see, her chicken coop is expanding, since one of the hens has few little chicks to watch over, and to protect.

I would love to have few chickens in my back yard as well, but unfortunately the zoning of my residence does not allow it.

Dedication to my sister's favorite place - her garden RANCH

My brother-in-law is very creative, loves to paint, and do wood carving.  He constructed this grand entry to my sister’s back yard garden, dedicating it to her.  How sweet is that??

family dog - Boris

I just had to share a picture of the protector of the “ranch”… their family dog, Boris.  He is my brother-in-law’s hunting dog, but he sure keeps unwanted visitors at bay as well.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and feel free to share your gardening stories and pictures.

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