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Pirate Theme Birthday Party – Part II

Pirate Ship Cake with an anchor and treasureBoys will always be boys…isn’t that the truth.

While little girls like to have cute party themes for their birthdays (Candy Land, Minni Mouse, Sesame Street), boys prefer to have fun with Pirate theme.

My previous post shared the numerous decorations and games for this Pirate Theme Birthday Party, so this post will be all about food, and the Pirate Theme appropriate labels for appetizers, and other foods.

If you only saw the labels, you would never guess what type of food would end up on your plate.

Pirate's Birthday Party - Dinner Menu

Here are some of the items listed on the menu.

Swords and Peg Legs - sign

Seaweed Salad - sign

Octopus Legs eyeballs - sign

OK, I think you get my point… let me show you the actual food next to these tags.

Adult Pirate's favorite drink - White Rum Punch

This was a very refreshing White Rum Punch, with  a very special pirate ladle, and plastic skulls floating on the surface of the punch.  All the Adult Pirates loved this punch!

Pirate Appetizers 2 Pirate special treats - Polly Parrot's Treats

Swords and Peg Legs

Some of the appetizers, and snacks, displayed here (Pirate Shoe Leather, Swords and Peg Legs, Polly Parrot’s Treats, Seaweed Salad, Desert Pudding, etc.).

Octopus Legs eyeballs

So, if you are not able to read this tag, these are the “Octopus Legs and Eyeballs”…..very appropriate label, don’t you think?

Grilled Parrot Parts

No, we did not hunt for Parrots….this is a Rotisserie Chicken, cut up into serving pieces, served with a special basting sauce from Phil’s Chicken House, located in Endicott, NY (part of the Triple Cities around Binghamton, New York).

This is the best chicken ever, so if you are ever around that area, I recommend this place for some finger licking meal.

Pirate special treats - Tropical Sea Creature Salad

This was a wonderful display of fruits (oranges, pineapple, kiwi and star fruit), labeled as “Tropical Sea Creatures Salad”.

Pirate Ship Cake-1 Pirate Ship Cake- waves and shark

The center piece of the party display, a Pirate Ship Cake, with Captain Maks in charge, and a close up of the ocean waves, water and sharks.  Special creation by mom of Captain Maks.

Personalized Birthday Cake

Personal cake for the Birthday Boy – Captain Maks, with some edible Gold Coins, to add to the cake decorations.

Special cupcakes for everyone Sweet Treats

These delicious, chocolate cupcakes were nestled in special Pirate Ship wraps, surrounded by many other sweet treats, for everyone to enjoy.

My hat’s off to Captain Mak’s parents, for planning the party in such a creative way, and for organizing the whole event.

Each family was assigned a day of the week to prepare a dinner for everyone, leaving one day free of cooking, to enjoy a dinner out.

It was lots of fun, since we had a different theme meal each day, and each group only cooked once during the whole week.

The weather was fairly cooperative, so there was time for sun bathing and walking on the beach, as well and taking the children on boardwalk rides, flying kites, and building sand castles.

The grandparents checked out the nearby casinos in Atlantic City, which was lots of fun, but no big winnings…..sigh.

Hopefully you will find these ideas very useful, and perhaps your next special birthday party will also be as creative, and enjoyable.

As always, I am looking forward to hearing your fun stories.

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