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Pretty Flowers – A Nice Welcome Back

I have been away from home for a week to help out my children with their gardening plans, and to spend some quality time with my grandchildren.

As I returned home, my garden was full of blooms, full of tomatoes, zucchini and cucumbers.

Today I will share some pictures from mine and my children’s gardens.

Now I will share some pictures from my sons’ landscaping creations:







My older son and his wife were working very diligently on these landscaping walls, and with great determination they finished these in spite of the pouring rain interfering with this project.  They did a beautiful job, and should be proud of the final results.  It took 100 pieces of pavers, at 50 lbs. each ….lifting each into the car, unloading and setting into the wall….what a workout…:-)

My youngest son’s wife created these lovely flower beds at the entry to their home.  So colorful and inviting…:-)

She selected some annuals and some perennial plants, so next year they will be even more beautiful, once they establish themselves a little more.

Nice selection of plants (German Iris, Spider Flowers, Alyssum and Snapdragons, to offset the huge rock at the entry to their driveway.  He also added some smaller rocks to create a bed for a blooming ground cover…sage or lavender of some sort…

They are still experimenting with their landscaping, but hopefully by next spring, it will all be complete and beautiful.

I also took few pictures of my daughter’s flower beds, even though the hot weather during the past couple of weeks really scorched a lot of the plants.

I hope you had a chance to view them all, and enjoyed them as much as we all do.

Now you know that we all share the love of gardening, and enjoy the beauty of nature.

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